A quick tour of Port of Spain – 28 January 2017

28 Jan

It was a long time before we surfaced this morning even after going to bed the earliest we’ve gone in years.  I felt it was a struggle breaking the surface of sleep.  But we were soon up and showered and ready for the day.

Breakfast was Aloo Pie which is diced potato and chickpeas mixed with herbs and spices, then wrapped in a light bread dough and deep fried.  Doesn’t sound all that interesting or tempting, but it is delicious.  I was greedy and had two.  I’ve never seen them or heard of them anywhere else in the world.  After breakfast we just sat on the veranda and read while we recovered our timeclocks.  Then Jaime and I assembled and set up their new smart TV.  Really easy to do.  That’s probably the ‘smart’ part Smile

After lunch we headed off to the Botanic Gardens.  I was surprised to find that all the trees were foreign to me.  Even the Bay Trees were nothing like the bay trees we get at home.  The leaves were similar, but not the same.  A lot of the specialised areas were closed.  It wasn’t clear if that was because it was the weekend or because they were being run down.  It would be a shame if that was the case as the park was really well attended lots of families picnicking on the grass.  One big area was taken over by a church or a Sunday School with folk singing hymns in the open air.  I sounded really nice.  Really old fashioned.

After our walk around the Botanics, we drove, to the Savannah where a marathon or a 10k was in its finishing stages.  Jaime stopped at a roadside stall and we had our first taste of coconut water fresh from a green coconut.  When it is finished, you hand the empty coconut back to the guy and he slices it open and then with another two cuts, makes you a wee scoop to eat the white flesh – called jelly!  Messy and sticky but tastes lovely.  We walked along past Savannah and then had to return to the car because rain was threatening.  Just got back to the care when the rain came, but it didn’t amount to much. 

Dinner was Kalaloo which is soup made from Onions, Dasheen leaves and okra, but apparently you can make it with Spinach instead of Dasheen leaves.  Must try it some time.  Also had Hop bread which was a yeasty roll.  Very tasty.

I don’t know about Scamp, but I am tired again tonight.  Off to Yves’ house tomorrow!

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