A day of mixed fortunes – 21 May 2015

Out early and in to Glasgow for a daunder.  Stopped at Staples to look for some printable CDs.  Hmm, not at that price, thank you very much.  Saw a phone cover that looked just like the Venom one I’d just bought for the princely sum of £2.95 from Amazon!  Phone, where’s my phone?  It’s not in my pocket!  Dived out and found the phone lying on the ground, untouched, beside the car where it had fallen from my pocket!
Oh lucky day 1.

Walked down to Merchant City Cameras and picked up a pair of 10×25 binoculars for £15.  Cheaper than Amazon, but don’t rush down to MCC, because these were the last pair.  Got some arty stuff too.  A set of watercolour pens and best of all, new blades for my Logan mat cutter.  For making watercolour mounts.  Not very exciting to most people, but essential for those without a steady enough hand to do it unaided.
Oh lucky day 2.

For tidying up the PC laptop, I decided to give up on Belvedere as it was more like Belvedire most of the time.  Opted for File Juggler which showed so much more potential.  Decided to to the decent thing and buy it.  Big mistake.  My previous attempts at making rules for this prog had proved more than successful.  Ever since I purchased it, it’s been going wrong.  It may be teething problems with the syntax, or it could be …
Oh unlucky day 1.

Still, two up and one down is still a result.

Potatoes chitting
The green distorted shoots that extend from the boulders in the rainforest of Tattiland reach constantly to the watery sun. Potatoes chitting on a ledge in the bathroom (cool and light) 365/141

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