Auld claes and purrich – 25 June 2015

It’s that sad day after a great holiday when you have to come back down to normal life again. No longer to have breakfast on the upper deck. No longer to slather yourself in sun tan lotion and bake for half an hour at a time. No longer can you walk away and leave the dirty dishes for someone else to tidy up. There’s good things about it too, not least, your own bed at night. That’s worth a lot of the inconvenience. P6252902- blog-177-177.jpg Not having to listen to the “Bing! Bong! This is your captain speaking from the bridge” and 9.00 every morning, that’s a relief too. Just a lazy day today with the added brightener of a birthday party tonight in Barca in Glasgow. So the holiday isn’t entirely over yet, oh no. Also, I got a minifig as a Father’s Day present from Hazy and a clever clogs card from JIC. Nice things to come home too.

However, as my dad would often say, it’s back to auld claes and purrich. In other words, it’s back to normal – or as near normal as we get. Oh yes, and it’s still raining!

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