Dull Saturday 21 Feb 2015

It was Scamp’s turn to slip the lead today.  I had a day on my own and the sky was a boring blue.  Not one cloud.  Had a lazy morning finishing Alan Cumming’s excellent “Not my father’s son”.  I recommend it to anyone.  Like my daughter said, it reads as if he’s talking to you.  An uncommon skill.  After my reading session in the library and also after lunch, I took myself out to get the makings of dinner and to take some foties as the sky was no longer a boring blue, but had some clouds and some character.  Drove around some of the country roads I’ve not been on for ages and managed a few shots.

DSC_0761-Edit- blog-1

The trouble with using Autopano and other similar progs is it makes you lazy.  So it was today.  I just couldn’t be bothered going back to the car to get my short lens, so I just kept the 70-300 on and shot 12 or so images with the short end and later processed them into a wide shot in Photoshop.  Having said that, it took PS 20 mins to build the pano and it would have taken 5mins for me to change lenses.  Pointless technology!

DSC_0785- blog

This was a straight part of the country roads I was on. Possibly the only straight part in the whole system of roads. Still, I liked the compo and the trees looked good against the clouds.


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