We went in to Epsom today on a lunchtime raiding visit to get some food. Met some interesting people like the poor man who wanted to cross the road BEFORE everyone else.  “EIther move or get out the way”.  The road was clear so I walked but kept him in my peripheral vision.  When we got to the other side I deliberately crossed right in front of him, making him change direction and tip over his drag-along case.  I said “Sorry, I didn’t hear you say ‘please'”.  I didn’t hear what he said ;-). Politeness costs nothing, however, the lack of it can cost you time and a loss of face.



This reminded me of a gigantic rubik cube or a 3D OXO grid, made from perspex.  It’s actually a window wall of a building and is made from glass and steel.  Very open and airy.  Modern lines without being antiseptically clean.  It would have been good to photograph the view from that inside that window structure too.  Maybe another time.


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