St Mo’s Wander

I really must get into a habit of getting up earlier, or setting the alarm at least for about 8.00am.  Another lazy day after I’d got the washing done and tomorrow’s dinner sorted out.  Spent the afternoon recording some music for S.  Did manage an hour or so across at St Mo’s and that’s where todays shots came from.

DSC_9046- blog

I like the placement of the seat on the little hill with the grass and bare trees behind. I preferred to keep it simple and rely on the compo rather than colour.

DSC_9030- blog

Looking very delicate, these waterdroplets caught my eye.


DSC_9019- blog

Mushrooms, or is it toadstools? I must learn the difference one of these days. Lots of them about this autumn. Must be something to do with the warm weather that is now leaving us to the cold of winter.
Is it my imagination, or does it look like the one at the back is attempting to eat the foreground one?


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