Cat City 19 June 2015

After a quiet night’s sleep with just normal hotel noises – people talking going by, laughing, the occasional door slamming, but definitely no crashing of pans or trays, nobody dropping cutlery – we woke to another beautiful day.  We had hoped to see the entire run into Kotor, but it was in full swing by the time we got up on level 14.  What a vista.  The tree covered mountains looked a bit like Scotland, but even greener that that.  The ship took a really circuitous route into what the captain called a fjord, and that was what it looked and felt like.  Eventually we reached Kotor and after breakfast we went through the best ever tender disembarkation we have ever been on.  Everything ran like clockwork.  I must say P&O are really good at the organization thing.

Kotor is sometimes called the mini Dubrovnik and I can see why.  Like Dubrovnik it has city walls circling the old town and paved and flagged streets.  It also has a vast population of cats.  Nobody could tell us why there were so many of them, but they are everywhere.  They even have a cat museum!  We didn’t go in.  Maybe another time, and sorry Hazy, we didn’t bring any home.  We did walk around the streets and had a beer.  Walked through a fruit and veg market and a fish market.  These people are so lucky to have all this when we have Tesco and ASDA. 

After the walk, we returned to the ship.  Scamp went to sunbathe and I went for a snooze.  Later, after the sail-away we had dinner.  The older couples across from us insisted on pulling the curtains back, so we all had a view of the scenery passing by.  It was lovely.

Went to a show at night, had a drink and are just getting ready for bed because:

1. We enter a new time-zone tomorrow and lose an hour’s sleep.

2. Apparently there is damage to the sink and they have to sand it down and repaint it!  Don’t worry that one of the drawers won’t open because the runner is broken, the drawer unit is chipped and dented, the air-con in the corridor is dripping water.  Nope, the sink needs painted and we have to be out of the room for four hours.

P&O  Fur coat and nae knickers!