The Long Way Home – Monday 23rd March 2015

The Long Way Home was a children’s WW2 series on BBC, many moons ago, 1960 in fact.  It was the story of a group of prisoners-of-war attempting to get home from Germany.  I remember watching it entranced every week wondering if they would get back home.  Today was similar.  I kept wondering if ntwe would ever get home.

We set off about 9.30am.  Headed for Baldock to the butchers to stock up, then to Tesco to grab some Adnams beer.  After that, it was on to the A1(M) and keep driving until one of us got tired.  Then we’d stop, have a coffee and then back on the road.  We eventually got home at 7.00pm.  Tired, but happy to be home again.

IMG_2498- blog

The arches and that glorious frieze make it look like a city hall, but in fact it’s the Tesco building in Baldock. Now isn’t that much nicer than a shiny new Tesco Metro?


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