The Squeaky Wheel 18 June 2015

After  a bumpy night heading south from Venice, we had a bit of a swell on the sea this morning, but the sun was out and the sky was quite clear.  We were all at sea and heading for Kotor tomorrow.  In other words, a sea day.  Sea days can be as boring as you want to make them, or they can be interesting.  We sunbathed after breakfast for an hour until it was time to go dancing.  It was Rumba this morning.  We’ve both done rumba before and Scamp keeps reminding me that you have to start on beat two.  I nod my head and make concurring noises, but I’m sure she knows I don’t have a clue what it means.  I just follow her like I do with almost all dances except salsa.  Even there she tries to lead, but if she does, I mess her up by inventing new moves or more likely, new combinations.  Anyway, rumba passed with very few raised voices or harrumphs. Hmm, my spell checker seems to think that harrumph is a word!

The rest of the day was passed, as usual on a sea day with eating, drinking and more rumba.  Scamp went to a piano recital and I went sketching for an hour.  I really enjoyed the freedom of plein air sketching.  Messing around mainly with pen and ink sketches of people on the deck.  I did take some photos around the ship.  Mainly patterns of ropes and rails against the sea.  Scamp wasn’t impressed with the pianist, she said it wasn’t his best hour. 

By the time she got back, and we had a coffee, it was time to get ready for the Captain’s Ball.  That’s just a chance for the sycophants to arse lick with the captain and a chance for him to make a wee speech.  Scamp decided we would start at level 5, have a free G&T there.  Then  move up to level 6 where our restaurant is and have another free G&T there too.  Sounds like a plan to me.  We were just starting our first drink when a voice behind me, a Scottish voice, said “Nice kilt”.  I turned round and here was one of the officers in his dress uniform.  We got talking and he told us he was in charge of reception and he came from Maybole in South Ayrshire.  It’s a place we know well as we used to pass through it when we stayed in Newton Stewart.  He asked if we were having a good time on the ship and Scamp said “yes” and I said “no”.  Then we told him about the noises coming from the restaurant above us in our room.  He immediately said “Do you want another room?  I think we’ve got a couple free.”  We both looked at one another and said “Yes please.  Thank you very much.”  So to cut a long story short, we’re now in a room on deck 5 which is seven decks below where we were and there have been no sightings of elephants so far.  Great guy, and all because of a kilt.  His is Mc Gregor by the way. 

It’s true what they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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