From the ridiculous to the sublime


Since Hazel wanted some Peruvian decaf and my own stocks of Sumatran Manderling were running low, I took the bus to Perth today to sort us both out.  Not a bad trip really if you ignore the 20 min wait at Cumbernauld Town Centre.  It gave me a chance to take some shots of the dilapidated concrete crap we have to put up with as a town centre.  Two old ladies were bemused at me taking photos of the monstrosity.  It’s people like me that give photogs a bad name.

Clockwise from the top (bottom two link to larger images – you wouldn’t want a larger image of the TC, believe me, you wouldn’t)

  1. This is the first sight drivers have of Cumbernauld Town Centre. It’s not the most welcoming sight, is it. It’s what happens when architecture goes bad.
    Cumbernauld Town Centre – The only place in the world where they had to halt demolition when part of it fell down voluntarily.
    Cumbernauld – The town they wanted to twin with Beirut and Beirut rejected the offer. Honestly, you can see why.365/300
  2. By comparison, Perth lives up to it’s description of the fair city. The River Tay was quite high, but the view through the bridge was really nice.
  3. Walking through Perth, I chanced upon this lamp post, yarn-bombed! The only one I could see in the street, but I’m sure there will be more from these urban guerrillas.

From Cumbernauld which should be bombed to yarn bombing in Perth. Quite a round trip, and I got the coffee @

The Bean Shop
67 George Street


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