A day for celebration

The day the car passed its MOT again without any problem.  I realise I should be touching wood when I say that, but there’s so little wood around, I’ve got to search for it.  Everything seems to be chipboard in this house.  Does that count.  Other than that little celebration there was little to recommend the day.  It snowed, but immediately melted.  I went to look for a tablet, but couldn’t decide on any.  I finally got a scraper to clean my painting palette.  Not a great thing you might think, but I’ve been looking for one for months as the old one is getting a bit blunt.  £3.50 in B&Q where I was age checked because the scraper had a blade in it.  The bloke made my day by asking his mate if he should ask for my ID!  Nice to see some folk still have a sense of humour.


Prisoner Cell Block H?  Actually it’s an old printer factory in Cumbernauld.  Looks quite intimidating under that gloomy sky.


Another example of the beautiful architecture and accessories around Cumbernauld.  It really deserves that sky.

DSC_0863- blog

Today’s nature pic.  This little bluetit was quick to discover that the peanut feeder had been reloaded.  I liked the fact that (accidentally) I’d caught one of its rejected bits of food.


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