A day with Thomas – 16 May 2015

I’d promised my niece who had promised her son that we would go to Bo-ness to a Thomas the Tank Engine day.  I don’t know who was more excited, my niece or her son, I’m guessing it was her.  The station was absolutely mobbed for the event, and there was Thomas himself taking pride of place at the front.  Not actually doing any work today, but definitely the star.

After seeing the two off on their steam train adventure, I wandered around looking for some photo opportunities not involving steam trains.  I walked around the old docks and got a few low level seascapes and some shots of textures on the rusting railway stuff, but as the wind was so strong, it was a bit of a struggle keeping vibration down, even with the VC on the 70-300 lens.

I hadn’t realised just how run-down Bo-ness had become.  There wasn’t even a decent cafe to go to for a cup of coffee.  One decent butchers, though, so that is always worth remembering if I have to return some time in the future.  Hopefully a long time in the future.

DSC_2174- blog-136

Thomas the tank engine at Bo-ness today.

DSC_2172- blog-136


The Fat Controller, known as Sir Topham Hatt in USA and Japan, presumably to avoid litigation from the corporeally challenged.  Seen at Bo-ness today.

DSC_2165- blog-136

Come in number 3 your time is (nearly) up.  A bit rusty and not looking its best. Number 3 may need something of a makeover before being displayed to the public.


DSC_2115- blog-136

The wind was gusting and the sea was high. Made for good wide angle shots.

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