A few spots of rain

It was warm in the morning. After breakfast I went for a swim in the pool. We were sitting next to a noisy pair who insisted on playing ’60s pop on their phone. Don’t they have headphones where they come from. Like I said, they were really noisy,but at least they were just talking. Worse was to come. Some stupids arrived and they were really noisy. Shouting and bawling and spoiling everything for everybody else. A couple of them dived in and all the water from the pool vanished. Just as well, really as the hotel would have needed to replace the filters after they left. Some folk shouldn’t be allowed to go on holiday.

After lunch it got cloudy and there were a few spots of rain. We went for a walk over to the beach.

We went in to town at night. Warm in the evening and a bit more early evening sun.

Saw this graffiti when we went for an afternoon walk. I was impressed because I could understand it.

However, this was my photo of the day. A delicate little star flower.


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