A Toy Off The Rack – Tuesday 07 April 2015

Up early and back on the Samsung –  Almost said Nissan Note there.  Maybe wishful thinking.  Anyway, back investigating the secrets of the Galaxy Note.  Lots to find out here, especially in the drawing apps.  After lunch I dragged myself away, mainly because the battery was quite low.  Went for a walk in the sun at St Mo’s.  Startled a couple of deer, but that was just about it.

DSC_1543- blog-097

Remains of a teacup caught up in the roots of a tree.  I’ve photographed it before, but it still fascinates me.

DSC_1539- blog-097

One of today’s deer.

DSC_1529- blog-097

The green bristles are the needle leaves of a larch.


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