A walk to Dumbreck

Up fairly early and out today to get some photos at Dumbreck Marshes.  Disappointing in terms of wildlife.  I heard a pheasant, but it was way across the burn and couldn’t be seen.  I saw only one deer and it too was miles away, but in the opposite direction.  I did manage a shot of a wee robin, and an interesting shot of the tree and gate at the entrance to the marshes.  On the way back, I saw a woman in full hi-vis gear riding a horse, also in hi-vis gear.  Even its ears and tail were lumy yellow.  I’d never thought about it before, but I suppose a horse’s ears might suffer from the cold.  It’s amazing the things you find out!

DSC_0445- blog

He sat for ages waiting patiently to get his photo taken. How could I resist?


DSC_0436-Edit- blog

It may look pretty, but it was murder to walk on. Compacted snow covered with a layer of ice. Still, it made a good high key picture IMO.

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