The green chainsaw

The one thing I miss about being retired is Friday.  When you are working, you look forward to Fridays.  That feeling of two days without having to get up early for work.  Even better is mid-term when you have not two, but four days off and the prospect of a short week when you go back.  Today would have been the start of mid-term, and the toughest term to boot, but today was just another day.  I remember my dad telling me that when you were retired, you didn’t have weekends.  Like so much my dad told me, it’s very true.
We went in to Glasgow this afternoon to scope out the parking for a party tomorrow and had lunch at the Glad Cafe.  Great burger, but sharp, bitter coffee.  Don’t like African coffee.

DSC_0475- blog

I was looking for something to make photo of the day and came upon this little succulent.  It looks a bit like a chainsaw blade and is almost as sharp!



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