Ba’ Heid


We went to Embra today to witness the madness of the Embra Festival.  One of the great things about being retired is the ability to travel on the less-busy weekdays rather than the mental weekends.  However you have to remember that Scot Rail will try to screw you up at every opportunity.  So, today, mid August, festival in full swing, do Scot Rail put on longer trains to Embra?  ‘Course they don’t, they put on the standard 3 unit train, which means there were folk standing everywhere.  What did we do?  We just sat in First Class and pretended we had FC tickets, knowing there was little chance of the conductor making it through the crowds to chuck us out.  Result!

Had lunch in Valvona Crolla in Embra and had the worst (and most expensive) lunch we’ve had in a long time – we won’t be back.  Only pizza napolitana I’ve ever had without anchovies.  “Oh we’ve got an apprentice pizza chef on today.  Sorry.”  Not the best way to encourage return custom.

Photo of the day was a juggler whose patter was even better than his juggling.  Just one of the maddies we saw today.


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