It is one of my favourite subjects, the centre of the rose without its petals. Sometimes the centre is more colourful than the full rose and often it is more detailed. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the basic shot, so I decided to do some ‘shopping.  I started out in Lightroom 5 more of which later.  I exported it to Photoshop and made a copy of the layer in Photoshop and blurred the lower layer.  I then changed the layer type of the top layer to Overlay and then returned the image to Lightroom.  There I trimmed it and lightened the shadows and then removed some of the noise.

To install Lightroom 5 I had to upgrade my mac to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard.  I object to this as it would appear that on a PC, LR5 will work quite happily on the aged XP.  Is this another case of designed obsolescence on Apple’s platforms?  Having said that, the upgrade went very smoothly and LR5 seems to run very well.  Shame Adobe make it so difficult to find a stand-alone version of this great program.  Why are they so determined to sell us the ‘cloud’ approach?  I suppose the short answer is money.  I hope LR6 when it appears will still be available as a stand-alone, but I doubt it.


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