Damselflies and Dobbers – 8 June 2015

Went out cycling today and managed another shot of damselflies. This time the damselflies were mating and were large reds. It was a lovely sunny day and warm too. I was using the E-PL5 again with the P6085554- blog-159.jpg Panasonic zoom and an extension tube to reduce the camera to subject distance and of course to enlarge the image of the damselflies. Really difficult to get enough DOF with this setup, but this was one of the good shots. At first I wasn’t happy with the IQ, but now that I’ve looked again, done some pixel peeping and settled myself down, it’s producing some decent shots. Much better with the EVF on to make sure focus is in the right place.

! found a helium balloon tangled in a tree when I was out and set if free. I was amazed at the vertical acceleration as it rose into the sky. Soon it was just a little speck in the clouds. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time for cycling as we were going out later, so it was swift home to make dinner (just for me as Scamp had been stuffing her face earlier at a friend’s house).

Went dancing at night and enjoyed the class, however, fat bob crashed the 8.00pm class, which meant there were too many guys, so I went for a walk instead. IMG_2587- blog-159.jpg Wandered round Kelvinbridge and found evidence of an old railway line which is detailed here. Lovely sunset and great lighting on the old Lansdowne church. I even managed to get a bit of a rainbow in the left of the picture. Enjoyed the walk and the discovery that I wouldn’t have made without the intervention of fat bob. I’d thank him but he really is a vacuous dobber!

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