Down on the beach with their coats on – 04 May2015

Since it was the May holiday today and the weather was looking good, we had decided to go to Troon for the day.  It was sunny and breezy with blue sky and just a little cloud.  Booked a table for 2.00 in the Lido.  Been there before and I thought it was OK, Scamp thought it good.  Went for a long walk along the beach to watch the kite surfers and to let me get a few shots.  By the time we reached them, the wind was dropping, but I got a few shots.  Walked back and sat watching the crowds on the beach for a while.  Amazed that some folk still go down on the beach and make sand castles with their coats on.  That’s how you can tell Glasgow folk!

At 2.00 we walked in to the Lido only to be told that our table wasn’t ready.  It’s always the same at the Lido.  This restaurant should be renamed the “just a wee minute”.  Five minutes later we were told our table was ready “Just exactly on time” our waitress said.  Not by my watch dear!  Tiny wee table stuck in a corner with overhanging bar glasses right by our heads.  Meal was good enough, but they really, really need to work on their time management.

DSC_1916- blog-124

Stranger on the Shore
Just one lad, standing looking out to sea.  One of those container ships parked in the firth.

DSC_1913- blog-124

Kite surfer reaching at Troon with the mountains of Arran in the background.


DSC_1906- blog-124

A procession of walkers rounding the headland at Troon today.

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