Dubrovnik 15 June 2015

It was yet another early morning.  This one was only 6.30am, so not really early.  Early enough though. Since we decided to allow the elephant next door some slack, my mood has improved.   I think I slept better last night, because I woke quite refreshed.  We got up early to watch the ship’s arrival into Dubrovnik and it was certainly worth the early rise.  There was a bit of cloud with the sun bursting through in places and the scenery was ‘very Scottish’ even if the temperature was definitely not.  23 degrees at 6.45am is most certainly not ‘Scottish’.  The colour of the trees and the cliff rocks was sensational.  As we got nearer to the town we could make out the high cable stay bridge that crosses the river.  We had been told that it was impressive, and it was.  My only regret was that the ship didn’t go under the bridge, like it does at Lisbon, but getting close to it was the next best thing.  Once we were berthed, it was time for breakfast.  The start of today’s eating extravaganza. 

We had been told that we could get a bus into town or we could walk.  The bus was €5 and according to P&O, we’d need a new mortgage to hire a taxi.  As it turned out it was €10, so not exactly a sum to break the bank.  However, we had already decided to walk into the old town.  After only one wrong turning we made it to the city walls.  Along the way we passed a fruit and veg open air market and a fish market.  Of course, by the time we were getting there, the best of the fish were already sold, but what was left was a lot fresher than the fish we see in Tesco.  Yes, I know I’ve done that rant earlier, but it really bugs me.  We also saw some lovely streetside flowers, but sadly I wasn’t concentrating enough and they were out of focus.  At the top of the last hill we saw a set of traffic lights with a gantry above where there was a countdown timer telling drivers how long they would have to wait until the lights changed.  Fantastic idea that I’ve never seen before.  If we had taken a bus or taxi into town, we wouldn’t have seen these things.  Besides, it helped work off the breakfast.

Old Dubrovnik is a beautiful place.  It appears to have been part of the film set for Game of Thrones which I haven’t read or seen.  I can however see how this place could represent a medieval fortress town.  Not nearly enough space to describe what we saw, but what I will say is that Dubrovnik is now firmly on our must visit list.

Got the bus back and had lunch on the ship.  Scamp went sunbathing and I went in search of an internet cafe to past the last few days blog posts.  Found on on he quayside and the price for one hour’s WiFi was €3.  On the ship, that would have cost a new mortgage!

Dinner tonight was black pudding with egg and bacon as starter then grilled rack of beef with Orange marmalade meringue to finish.  Walked around the ship and went to the dancing, hoping they’d play salsa, but it was the usual ‘music for the dead’.  Everything as slow as dancing through treacle.  Gave up waiting in the end.  I don’t think he liked us crashing his samba the other night.  Do I look as if I care?  Anyway, we headed up to the pool deck and joined in the Tropical Party and had a great time.  Danced salsa and bachatta  I think I would even have danced ‘dancing dad dance’.  The best entertainment of the night was two gay guys dancing like there was no tomorrow.  They really threw everything in to the dance and, like us, the seemed to be enjoying every minute.  That’s what life is all about anyway, isn’t it?

The elephant is sleeping now.  I think it must have had just as good a day as we did.  Venice tomorrow.  There will be some tears, I’m prepared for that.

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