Embra Easter – 04 April 2015

Got the train to Embra.  Went to JL Edinburgh to get rid of the DOA Samsung Galaxy Note.  While waiting for a Technical Sevice person to become available I spoke to the Samsung rep who happened to be at JL today.  She commiserated with me about the defunct Note.  I asked her if she had the more up to date one and she pointed to a 12″ tablet.  “No, a 10.5″ one I said”.  Her reply shocked me.  “There isn’t a new one”, she said.  Surely this isn’t true, JL are advertising it on their website.  “Oh, that’s not a new one, it’s the 2014 model” was the reply.  Did she have one I could see and play around with.  “There are some in the warehouse, downstairs.”  Could she go get one, I’d like to try it out.  “But it’s last year’s model!”  I began to feel quite sorry for these poor tablets languishing in the dark of a warehouse ‘downstairs’.  It was probably cold down there and the poor wee things would be huddling together of warmth hoping, just hoping that someone ‘upstairs’ would have the goodness in their heart to take one home and use it lovingly.  “Anyway, we’re not allowed to open the boxes.”  How did all these various Samsung tablets including the 12″ NEW model get here?  Did they break free from their chains and plant themselves on the NEW tablet bench.  “What resolution does the 2014 table have?” Answer “Oh, it’ll be 1200 x 800, that’s what they usually have”.  I gave up, I wasn’t buying the 12″ NEW model and she wasn’t interested in selling me an ‘old’ 2014 model.  As I walked away to get a refund for my ‘ancient’ original model, I felt like whispering to the smug 12″ NEW model “You’ll be old yourself some day mate.”  JL used to be the byword for good quality goods and good quality service.  It looks as if both have gone to the board these days.  I may have to look elsewhere for decent service.

With £167 now safely ensconced back on my credit card, we went for lunch in Valvona Crolla.  Service was a bit slow, but Scamp’s Crab Linguine and my pizza were excellent.  Such a nice change from yesterdays disaster.  Quite spellbinding.  Certainly worth taking the time to see.

After our theatrical experience Scamp bought me an early birthday present of a pair of binoculars where the salesman (Not JL!) convinced me that the budget price binoculars were perfectly good enough for what I wanted.  Maybe Ms Samsung could take a lesson from this man.

After that back to the station just in time to miss the train – as tradition requires!


Great piece of acting. Totally believable and right up to date.




Simon the Zealot. Brilliant actor at the Edinburgh Easter Play in full flow. He just looked like a jakey, a tramp, but the words he spoke rang a bell.


Simon the Zealot at the cross.
Edinburgh Easter Play.  As excellent as ever.

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