First Snow on the hills – 21 November 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe day broke to a bright, if cold sky. Cold, as in -0.3ºc according to the weather station. Just below freezing. A temperature drop of nearly 25 degrees from yesterday morning according to the temperature display outside the hotel. It seemed a shame to get up and go out today in the cold, but we needed food for lunch and dinner tomorrow and we had the knowledge that the food would be better than we had to endure for the last week in the hotel. Restaurant and café food was so much better.

We dined out for lunch today at The Stables. Chicken and leek pie for me and fish and chips for Scamp. Lovely, except the barman tried to con me by trying to palm me off with coke from the dispenser rather than the bottled Coke I’d asked for. The waitress changed it for me telling me my drink was flat because there was too much ice in it! Aye Right.

Tomorrow’s dinner was bought from M&S and Lidl (top and bottom of the range). Unfortunately, I missed the good light this morning and since daylight was fading by mid afternoon, there wasn’t much choice of subject. I ended up with a mono shot of the first snow on the Campsies. A missed chance this morning.

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