A Lesson Learned – 22 November 2015

DSC_4359- blog--326Learning from the lessons of yesterday, we were up and out fairly early today to make the most of the good light. Drove to Colzium House in Kilsyth and went for a walk around the gardens. It was pretty cold and we were both well wrapped up. Heavy jacket, scarf and fingerless gloves (thanks Hazy – I kept meaning to tell you how useful they were). I think we both enjoyed the walk and it was good to see some of the autumn colours still showing through, although the trees are looking quite bare now.

Home via Lidl to pick up some veg for the dinner, then I started to unhook the old dishwasher from the water supply and the drain. That took minutes to do, but wrestling it out of the tight space it was in took a lot longer. I couldn’t work out what was holding it in place. Surely the joiners hadn’t screwed it in to the side panels when they were fitting it in with the new (ten year old) kitchen. No, it was nothing like that. It was a strip of the vinyl flooring that had become caught on the underside of the dishwasher and was locking it in place. Anyway, it’s out now and waiting to be taken away on Tuesday.

Later I went for a walk around St Mo’s to get some shots in the last little bit of good daylight. Nothing very interesting to see although I did manage to startle a couple of deer, but they were too quick for me. Caught sight of Mr Grey and grabbed a few frames of him to add to my collection.

The rest of the night was spent getting Flickr up to date. It is now. Weather station shows -0.3ºc tonight. Winter is here.

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