Just another diamond day

When I woke this morning the sky was blue and the few clouds around were tinged pink with the rising sun.  I had a few things on my to-do list, so I got right down to it.  First was a walk to the post office with yet another batch of Christmas cards.  It was cold but bright when I left.  On the way back I was walking into horizontal sleet, and from there the day went downhill.


This was the view on the way home, just as the sleet started, the M80 with the inspiring architecture of Cumbernauld in the background.  Such a lovely morning.  The only thing it had to recommend it was the fact that all those drivers were either going to work or at work and I wasn’t.  Every cloud etc.



Pity about the tree in the foreground. I’ve asked them to cut it down to give me a better view of the hills, but for some reason they refuse.

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