Just another winter’s day

A cold, but thankfully, not freezing day.  Managed to get out for a walk to a frozen St Mo’s to feed the ducks naw, seagulls.  Poor old ducks didn’t have a look in.  The shitehawks got everything.  Then I spent the rest of the day wrestling with Mac OSX  10.8 trying to get iTunes to sync my calendar with my iPhone (I detest that lower case ‘i’ by the way.  Another of Apple’s little foibles.).  Finally got the bastards to sync by instituting iCloud (there it is again.  What’s wrong with upper case?)

DSC_9244- blog

And he looked and he saw and he said “I (upper case, take note Apple) AM a swan”

Swan in St Mo’s pond.


DSC_9227- blog

Gear in transit.  Initiating left bank to final.  Landing gets tricky when the pond is icebound.

DSC_9240-Edit- blog

Doing the Coot step.  It’s a bit like the goose step, but with smaller birds, and steps.


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