S’no Snow left

Overnight rain, and more during the morning meant goodbye to the snow for a few days. I’m sure it will be back soon. Braved the rain to go out and get some more wildlife (bird) pictures with the new lens. I’m getting more used to it now.
DSC_9797- blog
The proverbial DA.
Mallard drake walking away in disgust at the meagre offerings of bread today.

DSC_9792- blog
Skating coot, looking for food and finding very little. Good sharpness though from the new lens wide open.
DSC_9782- blog
And he looked, and he saw, and he said … … Naw! Still a coot. Bummer. 🙁
DSC_9773- blog
Nice weather for ducks, but not, it seems for gulls. Or for this one at least judging by the look on its face.

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