Sounds like a Randy Newman song – 9 November 2015

Woke up to hear Scamp struggling in the dark.  Oh dear, either we’ve not paid the electricity bill or the kettle has tripped the circuit breaker on the consumer unit again.  That bloody kettle was indeed plugged in.  Unplugged it and reset the circuit breaker.  Went back to bed.  One of the great benefits of being retired is being able to look out at the driving rain and say “Nah.  Not today thank you.”  Turn over and go back to sleep.  Woke around 9.30 and got up and had breakfast.  Outside it still looked miserable.  Moped around and tidied up some of my junk that is forever cluttering the living room table.  Yes, I admit it!  Later I had a long hot shower to ease the ache in my back, but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as yesterday.  The ‘flu like symptoms’ had gone and I felt a lot better after the shower.  It was still raining outside, even heavier than before

When Scamp came in she noticed there were no lights showing on the dishwasher.  Hmm, could that be the circuit breaker culprit?  Probably not, but it might be a blown fuse.  Scamp went off to collect her ‘Gems’ group and I set to, to remove the fuse from the kettle plug and use it in the dishwasher plug.  Plugged the dishwasher in and got an almighty fright when there was a BANG and a smell of electrical stuff burning!  In the hall, I heard the circuit breaker trip.  Oh dear, looks like we need a new dishwasher.  Just to be sure, I unplugged the dishwasher, reset the trip switch and tested the socket with the socket tester, well, what else would you test a socket with? 😉  It passed with flying colours.  No doubt about it then, it’s a new dishwasher for us.  Oh well, it probably doesn’t owe us anything, it’s been doing the dishes for 10 years now.  It probably deserves a rest.

We didn’t have any spare 13amp fuses in the house.  Well, we probably have loads of them, but they are all hidden away in a tin that’s in a shoe box that’s in a drawer that’s under a pile of papers that’s behind a door that’s inside a cupboard.  Perhaps.  It would be quicker to buy some more.  Drove through torrential rain to the gym but decided just to have a swim.  Steam room is great on a dull rainy day, as is the sauna.  Did manage to swim a few lengths too.  Went to Currys, the largest electrical store in Scotland and probably the UK.
“Do you sell fuses?” I asked.
“You mean like 13amp and 5amp?” She said.
“Yes” I said thinking ‘Oh, Oh, this isn’t going well’.
“No, we don’t sell them.  You’ll get them in B&Q”
Currys, I repeat, the largest electrical store in Scotland and probably the UK.  Sells almost every electrical appliance you might need or want, but not the fuse to make it safe.  Went to B&Q, got the fuses and drove through the rain wondering what the world is coming to.

I did think of missing out on salsa tonight, but we drove through the rain in to Glasgow and I did enjoy the dancing.  Thankfully the rain had abated a bit by the time we were coming home.  Abated, but still there.

In case you’re wondering, the Randy Newman song was “I think it’s going to rain today”

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