The Long Way Home

Our long (six hour) journey home began in glorious sunshine which partly made up for the challenging photographic conditions we had had for most of the few days we had been on Skye, but the whisky was good!

IMG_2285-Edit- blog

This is the sight that met me at the front door of the croft, as I was packing the car and of course, the camera was in the boot. I new I wouldn’t have time to get the camera out because the light would have changed (did I mention it’s all about the light)t, so I grabbed the shot using my iPhone and then backed it up with shots from the Oly. It was only when I got home and checked the shots on the computer, I realised the iPhone shot had better colour balance than the Oly, and this from an old iPhone 4. The good weather didn’t last!

DSC_8808-Edit-2- blog-2

By the time we had reached Sligahan, the light had changed a lot and the rain didn’t look far away. I took quite a few shots of this, trying to make the most of the dramatic lighting. It took quite a bit of post processing in Lightroom and then Intensify to get some detail out of the shadow area without losing it in the highlights. In the end, I was pleased with the effect. The rest of the run down was the usual driving drag. One day they will make a motorway, all the way to Kyle.


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