16 Feb 2015 Forth & Clyde Canal in Glasgow

I had decided to go for a walk along the Forth & Clyde canal in Glasgow today, just for a change.  It really is an interesting place.  Watched kayakers doing a white water course.  Photographed some swans and saw Glasgow’s architecture from a different viewpoint.  An interesting Monday.DSC_0710- blog

I liked the colour of the sky and also that the cross at the top of the building was mirrored in the cross shape of the street lights.

DSC_0706-Edit- blog

I watched a few of these blokes in kayaks completing the white water course in Glasgow. It wasn’t until I saw one from behind I noticed the POLICE stencil on his life vest! Oops, sorry guys. I’ll delete the other shots 😉

DSC_0698- blog

A swan preening. Seen on the Forth & Clyde canal at Maryhill in Glasgow.


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