A day with the Kelpies

Val and I had some business to attend to this morning.  After that we went to Falkirk for lunch at Tea Jenny’s.  Burgers to die for (or from, depending on whether you are a diet freak or not!).  After lunch we went to visit the Kelpies.  Val’s first visit and he was as taken with them as anyone we’ve introduced to these animated looking statues.  The rest of the day was spent snoozing and visiting friends in Dunblane.  Lazy night watching tv.  Beautiful day, but tomorrow I’ll take a real camera.

IMG_2530- blog-111-1

A beautiful blue sky and the Kelpies gleaming against it.  Problem?  No camera.  Took this with my iPhone and it looks good enough for me.

IMG_2538- blog-111

For the first time today I wondered about the internal structure of these statues.  It must have taken the team of designers many hours and lots of computer time to design the framework that holds the Kelpies up.  Interesting to note that a crow seems to be nest building in this one’s mouth, and that’s straight from the horse’s mouth!

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