Moon Madness – 20 April 2015

Not a lot to say about today.  Dived about daft this morning doing stuff, but not driving, just getting my fair or fare share of public transport for free.  Bought a set of artist quality watercolour paints for a knock-down price, even although I am not an artist, just a painter.  Spent a relaxing hour on the phone to Hazy, just talking about stuff and listening to her talk about stuff.  Relaxing, like I said. Went to salsa class at night and attempted some new contortions.  Got chips on the way home!  Just because we both fancied some.  Realised that I hadn’t done a POD, so the moon obliged with a little slice.  That was a good day!

DSC_1736- blog-110-1

Just a little slice of the moon with that residue of the sunset adding a bit of blue/purple luminance at the bottom.


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