A little splash of sunshine – 6 January 2016

combo bAlthough the day started with the usual dull, dull, dull, by midday it was beginning to brighten up a bit. Since Scamp had burned out the shredder yesterday, ripping up almost half a ream of out of date receipts, we had to consign the old shredder to the council tip and then go buy a new one. One out, one in. A good rule to start the new year with.

Went to Robroyston to check out the variety of shredders available. Available was the key word in the last sentence. Argos had the cheapest price for the one she wanted but, as with so many stores these days, they didn’t have any in stock. It appears that the only way some stores can survive the cheap prices of online shops is to advertise cheap deals on their website and expect you to buy online and then pick up at the shop. The shop then doesn’t need a great warehouse in-house so to speak, but to have a warehouse near at hand from which they can quickly have the goods delivered. Curry’s did have the physical shredder in stock and in the shop, so although it was more expensive, we bought it there.

While Scamp was shredding away happily this afternoon, I grabbed a chance to walk in the sunshine in St Mo’s. Got a few snaps of Mr Grey before I got too close and he flew off to his favourite hiding place among the bulrushes. Not long after that, the light levels started to fall off and we were back to four figure ISO values, but I did walk in the sunshine for a short while.

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