A long walk

Today we woke to a bit of blue sky but lots of clouds too. Had breakfast and things looked even more grim. Heavy clouds and a cold wind, but Scamp would probably say it was only a cool breeze. Walked to the end of the road and turned left. Almost immediately found a postbox and posted the cards, then read the small print “Only for use of Swiss Mail cards and letters”. Wrong box. Never mind, we walked on … and on … and on. We walked until we were at Playa de Honda, which is on the outskirts of Aricife. Scamp said we’d get a taxi back. No taxis to be found, but the village there is very picturesque. Took lots of shots. Went to a local cafe to have lunch, but nothing there suited us, so we had a couple of beers and turned for home. Found another restaurant and had a lovely lunch there. Scamp had Chicken Supreme and I had a simple Roast Chicken. Took our time coming back and took lots more photos. Bought more cards and posted them in the correct box this time! The weather had improved although the wind was still cold (oops, cool) and strong (oops, still a breeze). I had decided to go for a last wilderness walk, but by the time I gave the camera bat-tery a charge, it had clouded over again. Not to worry, I was knackered anyway, so I had a snooze.

Went to the Cabaret Shooooooow tonight. Very burlesque, with a great drag performance from the lead male dancer. Scamp actually encouraged me up on stage for the Club dance at the end. Glad I did, it was great fun. After the show we went for a drink in the main bar, which is like a school dinner hall with alcohol on sale. Dire musak from the couple who sing (is that the right word?) there. Neil Diamond and Elvis seem to be their strengths. No chance to dance there then.









Clockwise from top left:

  1.  It isn’t often you see this beach as deserted as this.
  2. This bloke has it sorted. A seat in the sun at Playa de Honda and nobody to bother him. Good luck to you.
  3. I think this is where the ladybirds come from!  It’s a ladybird plant.
  4. Pretty little green plant growing in the sand dunes beside the airport.
  5. This wee black cat had found itself a nice sheltered spot under the tree.  For you Ms Hazy 😉

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