A thousand misty gliders flying – 15 August 2015

DSC_3295- blog--227Today, as planned, we travelled to Loch Leven in Kinross.  Although we were stuck behind a horsebox which seemed incapable of anything over 40mph – downhill – with a tailwind, we had a pleasant run up through the Perthshire countryside and the weather was beautiful.  Parked at one of the RSPB sites at the side of the loch and walked anticlockwise around the loch.  Pleasant enough walk with cornfields on our right, but not much of the loch visible as the path is mostlyDSC_3361- blog--227 through trees.  Saw quite a few gliders being towed up to considerable heights by their tow planes then releasing and slope soaring on the side of the hills.  Walked back and drove to Loch Leven’s Larder for lunch which for me was a burger – a real one, not like Wednesday’s.  Scamp had egg mayo sandwich, but complained there wasn’t much on the menu for a veggie.  If you ever go there, don’t have the potato wedges.  Heavy overcooked old potatoes.  If you ignore this advice, you’ll suffer for it later.  I think we both had far too much to eat.  It’s easily done when the food is so good – DSC_3291- blog--227except for the potato wedges.  We’ve both decided to go back and try to get the boat to the island where Leven Castle stands.  Just left the cafe place and before we met the terrible traffic calming in Scotlandswell, the rain came on.  It was a shower which didn’t last long, but then there was another, and another shower.  I think we had the best of the day.

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