Almost a day in bed for me – 01 May 2015

I had planned to get up early and go for a walk this morning. How wrong I was.  I just couldn’t shift myself, I couldn’t even bear to was my face in the MayDay dew, so it’s another ugly year for me.  I took the opportunity to lie in bed and try to sleep off this cold or whatever it is.  I eventually got up just after mid day feeling a bit better.  A shower helped too.  Since it was cool, but not too cold, I went for a walk round St Mo’s.  No deer and no Mr Grey – maybe they have the lurgi too!

DSC_1869- blog-121

Three ferns making their impact on the forest landscape.

DSC_1845- blog-121

Needles from the spruce trees looking a lot more like pine needles now.


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