Apple Trees – 27 October 2015

combo-bkFirst the Apple part. The hard drive on the Mac is getting really clogged up with excess files. Zip files I’ve already unpacked, installed and possibly rejected. Disk images that have been installed and, again, possibly rejected. Hundreds of them. Gigabytes of them. All needlessly taking up space on the poor wee 2.5″ drive. I made the decision to dump them on the NAS and then delete them from the Mac, freeing up much needed space. I didn’t do it myself, no I got Hazel to do it, and while it was there, it organised the files into folders by date. Hazel is possible the most useful bit of software on the Mac. Just in case you were getting confused there JIC. Next for relocation is the backup iTunes library. There’s 30GB in that which could easily reside on the NAS.

So what about the Trees? After lunch, in fact quite a bit after lunch I decided to go for a walk along the railway to try for a photo of the autumn colours in the trees. One specific tree was in my mind to photograph, but when I got there I found out I was about a week too late. All the leaves were gone, but the skeletal branches made a good silhouette against a darkening sky. I keep forgetting just how short the days are now. I’ll have to rethink my timing for walks because the light is beginning to fail about 3.30. I did however get a couple of good shots of fading light on the Campsie Fells away over at the Dumbarton end where the hills slope rapidly towards the River Clyde. It needed a bit of post processing in Lightroom and also in Intensify Pro. I hope I’ve not overdone it. It’s so easy to do in Intensify.

I finally booked a slot in a sewing class in January for men. It may be the kickstart to my career move to dressmaking.


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