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Taxi to the airport at 12.30pm and through book in and security in double quick time.  Apart from having to go through security twice because I forgot to leave the laptop out.  Boring flight home to the cold. Speaking of cold, I’ve picked up a wee cold and the decent into Glasgow was really painful.  Did manage a wee walk before the taxi arrived and got some photos.


Lots of these insects flying around.  At first I thought they were dragonflies because they were about the same size and their wings clattered like dragonfly wings.  Then I saw a couple on the ground and decided they were too big to be grasshoppers and also too dark, so I think they were locusts.


They look like Virginia Stock, but they were wild flowers, not cultivars. Very delicate and quite pretty.

IMG_2481- blog

This cat was stretched out on the forecourt of the local Spar shop, getting as much sun as it could.



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