Back to life, back to reality – 12 October 2015

comboBack to the here and now.  Up early to get the Flickr photostream updated, get the blog patched together and flesh out the Day One.  By 9.00am it was light enough to get some photos in St Mo’s.  No animals around and no insect life in the way of damsels or dragons to photograph, so it was autumn leaves.  I make this promise every year that I won’t photograph the autumn leaves, but it always fails.  The colours this year seem extra vibrant and encourage me even more to record them.  I forgot to mention that along with the dragons and damsels, the swallows seem to have left us in the last two or three weeks, probably more like two weeks.  They were late leaving this year, probably because the feeding season for them had extended due to the warm days of September.  It wasn’t too warm when I left the house this morning.  The weather station said 7ºc.  It felt colder to start with, but warmed up quickly.

Went for a gym and swim in the afternoon when Scamp had her ladies round.  A bit of gentle exercise to test my ankle and hopefully not put too much strain on it.  Decided to upgrade my gym key to more machines.  Then I found that I’d left the key in my trunks when I went for a swim.  According to the girl on reception, they’re pretty indestructible.  It’s sitting in a cup full of dry rice on the heater now, hopefully drying off for my appointment at the gym on Thursday.

Salsa at night, but again, being careful and only doing one class.  I felt that was enough.  No point in just sitting around all the time, but I need to just add a bit of gentle exercise.

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