Busy, Busy, Busy – 21 September 2015

comboSuch a busy day today. I think this is the first time I’ve manage to sit down for a few minutes.
Painting in the morning. I’d intended this to be an oil painting, laid on top of an acrylic ground on a canvas, but it turned out to be an acrylic on acrylic on canvas. Confused yet? I’ve taken the advice of one of the books I’ve been reading recently and assessed the basic colour scheme of my intended artwork. Then I paint the canvas with a ground which is the contrasting colour to the dominant one in the painting. Ha! You’re confused now aren’t you? It’s an interesting idea and I think it works. It’s so different from painting in watercolour where you have to plan the painting before you put brush to paper. You leave bare paper to produce the whites. In acrylic (and oils), you can add the whites later, in fact, some experts say the whites should be added last. Also, this is a small 200mm x 200mm square canvas and I don’t like squares – too static, you see. However, it’s working so far. Time will tell.

After the arty farty stuff, I made the chicken curry for tonight’s dinner and then some bread. Usually I just bung all the ingredients into the mixer and set it to go for 10 minutes. Today, for some reason, I kneaded the dough myself. It’s a good feeling kneading sticky dough until it turns out smooth. Very therapeutic.

After that it was off to the gym and swim while Scamp’s ladies were practising their singing. Came back too early and they were still at it, so I grabbed my bike and cycled off to one of my favourite bramble patches and got just about half a kilo of fruit. Most of the fruit isn’t ready yet, maybe another week or so.

Dancing at night, and thank goodness our usual teacher was back. Good teaching with a relaxed and pleasant manner. Not what we had last week. The guest teacher was good. A bit severe, but still good. JG though is head and shoulders above him – he is quite tall!

So, I’ve done the gym thing, a swim thing, cycling and dancing today. Surely that will take a few grams off when I next step on the scales. Of course the Old Speckled Hen I’m quenching my thirst with is low calorie and so was the chicken curry which was quite superb even if I say it myself.

I realise it’s a bit difficult to see the detail in the pics today, but either click on the mosaic or go here.  All rights reserved and all photos copyright of D. Campbell (that’s me).



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