Difficult Deer – 14 May 2015

Up and out relatively early and walked the railway again.  I really must make the effort to go somewhere else of a morning, in fact, I may make it my task for next week, to walk a different path every day.  That sounds very profound, doesn’t it?  It’s not meant to be, it just means I have to find a new place to park and somewhere new to walk, preferably with some interesting scenery (or deer) to photograph.  Yes, that’s a good pledge.  A different path every day.  Profound!

I spent this evening investigating Keyboard Maestro.  It’s like Hazel (the app, Hazy, not the person) on steroids.  Years ago I discovered the delights of writing scripts for the PC that would execute much, much quicker and with much more power than any Windows command could.  Unfortunately, they were a bit of a hand-grenade too.  “What will happen if I pull out this little pin”.  Macs are a little more gentle in that respect, but only a little more gentle. They still need to be handled with care.  More of this when I’ve pulled out a few more pins!

DSC_2079- blog-134

Yesterdays deer were easy deer, today’s deer were a bit more difficult. The first one got away before I could get the camera out of the bag. This one felt much more secure. I think it realised that there was a fence and a burn between it and me and it knew I wouldn’t be able to get near it.


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