Face Painting – 31 January 2016

combo bThe last day in January and I was off to a sketching workshop at Cass Art. It was Ok, but no better than that. Most of the workshop was based on portraiture and I was interested in that as it’s one type of art I’m not confident about. His (and he is Jake Spicer) pitch was very gentle and believable and his tasks easily completed in the time given. I drew Fred and he drew me. Both were likenesses. However, I felt the whole workshop was quite two dimensional with very little depth. I also had a look at his book which was quite expensive for what it was with lots of space in it to practice your techniques. I’d like to see how big the book would be without that wasted space. To quote Dragon’s Den, “I’m not going to invest”, but Quote of the Day came from the woman who was drawing and being drawn by an older man “That doesn’t look like me at all …” Sorry missus, but it does bear a resemblance to you. “… and mine looks exactly like you!” Only if he lived in Picasso-land.

After we got home and I had had my lunch, I went for a walk to St Mo’s in the rain to investigate just how high I could push the ISO and still get an image. The answer appeared to be 12000 ISO. I fed the swans and the coots, then went for a walk through the woods to find some deer, but they were sheltering somewhere else from the rain. Came home and got ready to go to salsa.

Enjoyed the dancing at the Garage and came home to a dinner of soup and crab ravioli. Lovely.

Rained almost all day and it’s going to snow tomorrow according to the weather folk, and more high winds of course.

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