Flickrites and their devious ways – 29 September 2015

combo2Late getting up this morning. Mainly because I was equally late getting to bed last night. Hoping to be a bit more regulated tonight.

Went for a gym and swim at lunch time then undid all that good work with a fry up for lunch. I did an extra work-out later by cycling to get some photos and some more brambles. Got about 400g of the little black bundles. Managed some photos of the hay bales before they are gone for this year. Half of them have been moved to storage already.

Found a catty reply to one of my crits on Flickr. Some people only want to hear good things about their photos. Admittedly, I too like good comments, but am realistic enough to take criticism where it’s due. Some others though simply want praise and lots of it. That’s why there are so many of the post 1 comment 2, 4, 8, 16, … groups. I’ve never felt the need to get on Flickr’s revered list, but one way to make sure you get there is to get lots of comments and favourites and one sure way to get those accolades is to pay for them by praising others. That is why those post 1 comment ‘x’ sites proliferate. The worst offending ones even have sparkly, gaudy GIFs as badges. Please, spare me the indignity.

Finished a great book last night. The main reason for my late bed. Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour bookshop (I hope I spelled that correctly, Hazy) is an excellent book. Someone described it as “a mystery story without a murder.” A very gentle book with lots of hidden meanings. I think I wrote about it in a previous blog. Certainly worth a read.

Right, I’m done here and am off to bed. Early(ish) for once.

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