Frantic Friday 27 Feb 2015

Up early and switched off the slow cooker which had been cooking the venison all night.  Made the panacotta and then made two different doughs for the bread.  After that, I had had enough so I took myself off into ‘The Toon’ for a walk and to get some paint and some help on choosing a 10″ tablet.  Didn’t get the advice on the tablet, but did get the paint.  Back home to help with final preparations for tonight’s dinner.

DSC_0932- blog

Early morning shot of a bluetit taken while making pudding for tonight’s dinner.  Really sharp for the lens being wide open.



Cars roll by a hundred miles an hour

I was thinking while I was standing by the dual carriageway waiting for the bus that the traffic was speeding past at too high a speed.  I then realised that I too travel at that speed on that stretch and I’m below the speed limit.  Maybe that’s why I took this shot of traffic on the motorway.  Title comes from “To B without a hitch” by Bridget St John.


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