Frost and Snow abound

Another cold day, but a much later rise.  Ordered a Tamron 70-200mm USD lens.  Hopefully it will be available to pick up tomorrow.  Took the Oly out for a walk today to give the Nikon a rest.


Chicken wire laid down to provide a grip on a wooden walkway.  I liked the clean lines of the frost against the black.



These birds caught my eye.  It looked like they were waiting for better weather.
As usual, that’s only part of the story.  After I looked at the shot in LIghtroom, I thought it looked a bit dull and uninspiring with a milky white sky, but very like what I had seen.  I dumped it into Lightroom as a layer along with the pic of pansies I shot last week. With the flower shot on top, I blurred the pansies with Gaussian blur in PS, changed the layer type to Hard Light and reduced the opacity to provide a cloud-like background.  Not satisfied with that, I created another layer on top, set it to Overlay and gave it a circular graduated fill from white at the top to orange at the bottom, then reduced its opacity too.  Saved it all and back in Lightroom I cropped and adjusted curves to brighten the image.  It’s not what I saw, and it certainly is a fake, but nothing is real in photography.

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