An early rise

I was up early today.  Scamp’s car door wouldn’t lock.  Probably frozen since the thermometer was showing -3ºc.  A kettle full of water and half a can of WD40 later and she was on her way.  However, as I was dressed, it seemed a shame to go back to bed, so I read my emails, had breakfast and when the sun came up I defrosted my own car.  I know, the sensible way would have been to defrost it first, THEN have breakfast, but it was early and my grey cells were still asleep.  Anyway, drove down to Auchinstarry and had a very pleasant walk along the old railway.  Saw some deer and took some photos.  Does life get better than this?  This is what retirement is for!

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From the top left:

1. Not the same deer as yesterday, unless they had decided to go for a long morning stroll.
2. Cowparsley stems looking very skeletal. I liked the high-key look here.  365/019
3. Versatile cowparsley stems look good against a dark background too.

4. Despite the number of times I’ve passed this way, this is the first time I’ve noticed this tree. I’m guessing it’s been there all this time.

5. Looking like a wee lollipop or maybe a candy apple, a frosted hawthorn berry.

6. I heard these swans before I saw them and managed a few shots before they disappeared.



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