Just another Sunday – 27 September 2015


Saw these sparrows fighting for a place at the peanut feeder in the garden while I was making breakfast.  I suppose they were getting their breakfast too. Just another lazy Sunday for us.  Watched one more boring F1 GP, feeling sorry for Alonso and Button, stuck with the go-karts again.  Managed to get a soggy bottom on a Crouching Tiger Hidden Zebra cake.  More work needed before I can sign up for the Bake Off.  Went to Salsa at night and it was quite quiet for a change.  Probably to do with this being September weekend.  Still, it was a very nice day weatherise, but it’s clouding over now so we might not get to see the “Blood Moon” in the early hours of the morning.  Found out that I’d managed to pick up another sheep tick.  That’s three I’ve had.  Hope that’s the last one.

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