Just Walking – 16 November 2015n

comboSo, what of the day then? The day started after breakfast with a walk to level 5 pool. The water was just as cold as it was yesterday, if not even colder. We both went for a swim though – this gym/swim thing must be working after all. After the swim we sat, soaking up the sun for a while. On the walk back to the apartment I stopped to watch some hang gliders slope soaring up in the mountains above Adeje. They were really, and I mean really high up.

Scamp had been talking to a couple who recommended a cafe for lunch, so we got changed and went looking for The Pantry. It turned out to be just a street away and almost on our normal walk to the sea.  It seems to be run by an English couple and the menu is very British.  That’s just a comment, not a criticism, by the way. Lunch was scrambled egg on toast for Scamp and roll ‘n’ sausage ‘n’ bacon for me. All these apostrophes are a pain to type on a Samsung tablet by the way. Suffice to say that lunch was fine and we decided to make a return visit on our way back.

We walked for miles today, literally, miles.  We walked past Port Colon into a more scenic part of the conjoined towns. By this time the sun wa getting quite hot and Scamp’s shoulders were getting burned so we had to make a stop at a little shop for her to get a wrap to cover them. We decided we’d had enough for one day and headed back. On the way, we managed to pick up a couple of ice creams which wee very welcome.  Stood watching some of the hang gliders spiralling down to their landing area, spilling air as they went. Very impressive.  We did go back to The Pantry on the way back. Then, Scamp saw another couple of bargains!  What a surprise.


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