Leap Day – 29 February 2016

combo bThere’s not a lot to say about today.  Had breakfast in bed.  The first time since Scamp left for Fuerteventura.  Started a painting then got bogged down in it and started to seal up the boot lock for Scamp’s car.  Got it done and tried to fit it, but the plastic box I made around the switch was too big and wouldn’t allow the lock shield to bolt in place.  Had to remove it and resort to silicon sealant.  Messy stuff.  I’ve left it to dry and set overnight and will fit it again tomorrow hopefully.

Went for a drive in the afternoon, but with low light and no directional sunlight, there wasn’t much I wanted to shoot.  Took some photos on Fannyside Moor, but nothing that inspired me to work on it.  It was photos for photos sake.  However, the settings I changed last night seem to make an improvement to the general quality of the shots I took.
<Technospeak> (This indicates the start of a technospeak section JIC)
Found out how to link a MySet to an unused dial position on the camera which is a great advance.  I didn’t know you could do that on the E-PL5 either.  It’s amazing what you learn.
</Technospeak> (It’s ok, you can start reading again, technospeak over)

By the way JIC, here’s an interesting thing to try with your coffee grinder.  I’ve tried it and it works with some coffee, but not all.

Went to salsa and learned an interesting new move and an intersting sequence in bachata.  Other than that, it was cloudy all day and it’s raining now.  Hope the rain keeps away tomorrow to get this boot lock fixed on the Micra.

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