First day of Spring? Nobody told the weather – 1 March 2016

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For the first day of Spring, the weather was really like Winter.  Cold winds and even colder rain showers.  Spent the morning tidying up the back bedroom for the return of the wanderers.  Then in a bright spell, I grabbed the dreaded Micra boot handle and bolted it in place, joined up the cable to check it still worked (it did – did you doubt me?) and fixed the cover panel back in place.  Job done.  £95 for a new switch?  I think not.  All you needed was a 10mm spanner, a Torx screwdriver, a stanley knife, a JB00A push to make switch, a sheet of sandpaper, a hot melt glue gun, a silicon gun and some duct tape, always some duct tape.  Oh yes, and some step by step instructions from a kind gentleman on the net.

Couldn’t decide what to do next.  I’d considered the gym, but I needed some photos for the 365, so a walk was a better option and with a look at the sky, it would need to be a short one.  Managed a dry half hour at St Mo’s.  Nothing very inspiring.  The Tufted Duck was keeping well out of detailed camera shot range and the Oystercatchers were just messing me about.  As soon as I got the camera fired up, they were gone.  Oysters in St Mo’s, who would have thought it.

Quick dash to Tesco for supplies and then home to make dinner.  That’s about it.  Snow forecast for tomorrow morning.  Thankfully I don’t need to be up and out in it.  If it’s photogenic, I may take the camera for a walk.  As Scamp is fond of saying, it all depends on the weather.

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